Rep. Larry Clark to Return Special Legislative Pay to State

Returns pay for Senate’s refusal to adjourn

Frankfort, KY—Representative Larry Clark (D-Louisville) is returning his legislative pay from the extraordinary legislative session that was called in March following the regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.  The House of Representatives adjourned sine die on March 24, 2011 after both chambers had passed critical Medicaid legislation.  The Senate refused to adjourn which held the special session open during an additional 13-day veto period until April 6, 2011.

“I do not believe I should accept pay because the House had adjourned on March 24th,” said Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark.  “The Senate’s refusal to adjourn cost the taxpayers $65,000 each day and it is only right that I return my pay to the state treasury.” This represents the third time Rep. Larry Clark has given up his pay from special legislative sessions since 2007.

The House voted to adjourn after both chambers had passed the needed legislation. Governor Steve Beshear then made good on his promise to veto spending cuts and other parts of the measure that were added to the proposal by Senate Republicans.  House leadership called upon the Senate to adjourn as well, but they refused.  “The House had reached a bi-partisan agreement on the Medicaid bill and could not afford to waste one penny of taxpayer dollars,” said Clark.  “I know where my responsibility lies and it is to answer to the people of Kentucky.”

Clark represents the 46th District in Louisville and has served in that position since 1984. He continues to maintain a 100% voting record. Clark has sponsored legislation for job creation, economic development and education, and he has been a supporter of seniors and veterans. For more information, visit