Clean Campaign Pledge

Say No to Negative Campaigns

In past elections my family and I have been subjected to negative attacks and false claims about my character, my values and my voting record in the legislature.  I have personally pledged to you over my sixteen elections and twenty-six years in the legislature not to subject you to negative campaigning for these reasons:

  • I believe mud-slinging and dirty politics distracts from important discussions about issues and public policy
  • The campaign should be about issues and how the candidate plans to represent you in the General Assembly, not negative politicking

I intend to run my campaigns as I always have – positive, upbeat and respectful of the voters and my opponent.

My hope is that you will support me in this endeavor by participating in the following way:

  • Join me in saying “no” to negative campaigning.  Make each candidate running for public office, from the top of the ticket on down talk about the issues that concern you.
  • If you see or hear a claim about me that concerns you, please call me at home at 968-3546 and ask me about it before you allow it to influence your vote.

I have built my career in the legislature on showing up for work everyday and maintaining a 100% voting record.  I hope my opponent will join me in running a positive campaign, so that together, we can make campaigns about issues and not about scoring points by tearing down the opposition with negative personal attacks that all too often are untrue.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you in the General Assembly.