2013 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2013 session of the General Assembly ended in April with strong bipartisan support for major initiatives to create jobs, support education and public protection. Legislation was passed to make government more accountable to the people of the Commonwealth.  We agreed to a plan to support the pension system for public employees without raising any… Continue Reading

Larry Clark Letter to the Editor on AT&T Tactics

AT&T Kentucky President Mary Pat Regan recently wrote the newspaper to take issue with a CJ editorial questioning the company’s crusade to achieve “communications modernization” in Kentucky. “Communications modernization” is nothing more than a euphemism for communications deregulation, a concept the results of which, if implemented, cannot be guaranteed to best serve the interests of… Continue Reading

Pension reform passes the House and Senate with bipartisan support

The Kentucky General Assembly has finished this year’s regular session with the enactment of pension reform legislation, together with funding that will help restore solvency to the retirement system.  The compromises made to pass the bills have left the various stakeholders concerned about whether the General Assembly did the right thing for public employees, retirees… Continue Reading

2013 Session Report on Legislation

With just two final days remaining in the 30-day legislative session of the General Assembly, following is a report of legislation status and passage as of March 12, 2013. Number of bills filed:   House: 457; Senate: 216 Number of House bills just through the House:    111 Number of House/Senate bills passing both chambers:… Continue Reading

House Passes Pension Reform

This week in Frankfort, the House of Representatives passed pension reform legislation both to protect and allow for future solvency of the public pension program.  Following are highlights of this legislation: · It DEDICATES recurring funding to help the state pay off the long-term liability of our public pensions. ·It DOES NOT require any increase… Continue Reading

House passes bills on Medicaid and prescription drugs

Frankfort – The Kentucky House of Representatives voted unanimously today for two bills House Speaker Greg Stumbo sponsored to address concerns with Medicaid managed care and to update last year’s law targeting prescription drug abuse. “Taken together, these bills will improve our healthcare system by making some common-sense changes and clarifications,” said Speaker Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg. … Continue Reading

Mid-Session Legislative Progress Report

Number of bills filed:  House: 457; Senate: 216 Number of House bills just through the House, as of Feb. 21: 72 LAW HB 7: LETS MANY FOUR-YEAR PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES USE THEIR MONEY TO BUILD OR RENOVATE FACILITIES. •          This approves 11 projects on eight public four-year universities, which will use their own revenue to cover… Continue Reading

Rep. Clark Honors Ford Motor Co. for 100th Anniversary in Louisville

2013 marks the 100th year of Ford’s presence in Louisville Representative Larry Clark honored Ford Motor Company with a resolution on the House floor honoring the 100th anniversary of manufacturing in Louisville.  A recognition ceremony will be held at the Kentucky Expo Center on Friday, February 22nd where the company officials will be presented with… Continue Reading

Kentucky Studies Industrial Hemp for Potential Economic Impact

The General Assembly is taking a closer look at industrial hemp and its potential economic impact for Kentucky during this year’s legislative session.  Several states have introduced hemp production legislation but very few have been passed.  I am sharing information that is available regarding this issue as we move forward in our study and discussions… Continue Reading

House Committee Approves Larry Clark’s Ethics Bill

On Wednesday the House Committee on Local Government approved House Bill 188, legislation sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, addressing the administration of ethics complaints in Louisville Metro. Ethics complaints in Louisville have been the subject of media reports recently due to two high-profile cases involving members of the Louisville Metro Council.  State… Continue Reading

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