Rep. Larry Clark Co-Sponsors Kentucky’s Caylee’s Law

Child Protection Law Sparked by Public Outrage 

Louisville, KY- Representative Larry Clark is a co-sponsor of pre-filed legislation, Bill Request 111 titled Caylee’s Law sponsored by Representative Richard Henderson of Jeffersonville.  The legislation will require that adults and caregivers notify law enforcement within 12 hours after a child under the age of 12 is discovered missing.  Violation of Caylee’s Law would be punishable as a Class D Felony.

“Caylee’s Law will ensure that justice will be on the side of those who are most vulnerable; our children,” said Representative Clark.  “Legislation is needed to provide prosecutors with a way to hold adults accountable if they fail to report a missing child.”

Clark said that Representative Henderson’s bill will receive a hearing during the 2012 legislative session and he expects significant support for the legislation in the House of Representatives.

Caylee’s Law is named in memory of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony who was missing for 31 days before being reported to law enforcement.  Her mother Casey Anthony was charged with murder but was recently found innocent.  There was not a law in Florida to charge her with a felony for failure to report her missing child.

Clark represents the 46th District in Louisville and has served in that position since 1984 and also serves as House Speaker Pro Tempore, a House leadership position he has held since 1993. He continues to maintain a 100% voting record.  Larry Clark has sponsored legislation for job creation, economic development and education, and he has been a supporter of seniors and veterans. For more information, visit