Rep. Larry Clark Calls for Healthy Food Selections in Capitol Annex Cafeteria

Healthy Selections are Limited When Legislature Not in Session

Louisville, KY- Representative Larry Clark has asked Governor Steve Beshear and the Kentucky Department of Parks that manages the cafeteria in the Capitol Annex to review its menu to provide additional healthy and fresh food selections in the cafeteria when the legislature is not in session.  “Hundreds of state employees rely on the Annex cafeteria everyday for meals and they would benefit from healthier choices,” said Representative Clark.  “Staff members work in the Annex all year long and I visit the cafeteria when I attend committee meetings during the summer.  We can do better.”

The Annex cafeteria reduces its menu during the interim when the General Assembly is not in session and maintains a minimal offering of breakfast and lunch items.  “In order to reduce our overall health care costs, we need to focus on wellness for our state employees,” said Clark.  “We should make sure that selections offered in the cafeteria are healthy and nutritious which will in turn help fight obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.”