David Williams Denies Kentucky Voters the Opportunity to Vote on Casino Gaming During 2012 Legislative Session

Kentucky voters were denied the opportunity to vote on expanded casino gaming because Senate President David Williams did not allow the legislation to pass the Senate.  “Senate Bill 151 would have placed the casino issue on the ballot,” says House Speaker Pro Tem, Representative Larry Clark (D-Louisville).  “Over 87% of the voters in my District wanted the right to vote on expanded gaming and David Williams took that away from them.”

During the 2012 legislative session of the General Assembly, there was a push to finally allow the people of Kentucky to make an up or down vote on whether they wanted to allow casino-style gambling at seven locations including Kentucky’s racetracks and other stand-alone venues.  Senator David Williams decided to block any chance the amendment had to pass the entire General Assembly during the session.

“I am disappointed that Senator Williams denied the citizens of my District and of Kentucky the chance to vote on this important issue,” added Clark.  “Our signature horse industry is important to the economy of the Commonwealth and one man should not be holding an entire industry hostage by not letting the people decide.”