Rep. Larry Clark testifies today for common sense driving certificate law

2015 0303 Drivers License Hearing-4Frankfort, KY–Today Representative Larry Clark testified at the House Transportation Committee hearing on behalf of his House Bill 267, which pertains to certificates for driving for undocumented immigrants in the Commonwealth.  HB267 establishes a certificate of driving for individuals who cannot obtain a regular operator’s license because they do not have proof of citizenship, proof of status as a permanent resident or proof of legal presence in the United States. No action was taken during the committee meeting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.47.38 PM“This bill is a matter of safety and protection for drivers in Kentucky,” said Larry Clark. “Without a driver’s license, a resident cannot purchase required auto insurance in Kentucky.  Many residents of our state are working in factories, restaurants and on farms but have had no way to operate a vehicle legally in Kentucky. HB267 provides for a one-year certificate, not a license, but a way for an individual to legally apply for insurance coverage.”

In 2014, 15,724 uninsured driver crashes occurred for a total of 161,297 crashes since 2005.

The bill includes provisions for residency that including residing in the Commonwealth for a minimum of three years and the applicant shall be subject to an examination of the individual’s driving history before issuing a certificate.

Photo by Steve Pavey