2015 Lottery Report to the District

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.53.43 PMThe Kentucky Lottery achieved record-breaking sales and dividends yet again in fiscal year 2015.

Sales ended the year at $899.1 million. From this amount, dividends to the scholarship, grant, other higher education, and literacu programs rose to a record $236 million (compared to $226.1 million in FYl4).The overall number also includes $9.3 million unclaimed prizes,which are directed by law to the KEES scholarship reserve fund.

Kentucky’s players received record prizes of$556.3 million, winning more than a half billion dollars for the second straight fiscal year. KLC retailers also enjoyed record-breaking commissions of $55.9 million. An additional $2.5 million in state taxes,$147,000 in past due child support, and $372,000in other related debts to the state were withheld from winnings and returned to the Commonwealth.

As a direct result of Kentucky lottery tickets purchased in FYl 15, 89,766 college students in the Commonwealth were awarded $196.9 million in scholarships and grants paid for by Lottery proceeds.The highly successful merit-based KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholatship)program and a pair of need-based programs have provided more than 1.6 million grants and scholarships worth more than $2.4 billion since the lottery began funding these programs on a graduated basis in l999.

If you’d like to see the full audited financial statement, you can access it on our website at kylottery.com under the “about us” button.

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LRC photos courtesy of LRC Public Information